Baumondi Pythonette Collection

The Pythonette Collection LIMITED EDITION

The Pythonette is our elegant clutch made from certified python leather for special moments. It can be combined with exclusive accessories for your shoes: python leather belts with matching brooches. A mix of the eccentric and romance gives the Pythonette its irresistible charm. It accompanies you in a ladylike way and instantly provides elegance. On a wonderful evening. Complete your individual style with an elegant shoe accessorie for boots. A leather band made from real python leather with  a brooch made from crystals that matches your handbag will turn  your shoe into an  highlight.


Baumondi Free Style

Free Style Collection

Bring this special shoe accessories on your boots or any other shoe of your choice. Style them as you feel and stay trendy. Anyone who likes a modern style with a touch of individuality will love these handmade leather straps in different colors. Choose them with any one of our six types of silver buckles and strap them onto your boots to create a new outfit!


Baumondi Sneakers Bug

Sneaker Bug

Lifestyle, nature and fashion motifs are a statement about your personality and style. Made from high quality materials and fine workmanship: simply insert onto your sneaker laces and walk your way. Made in Italy. For you.


Baumondi Grey Collection


This grey shoulder bag combines many small lovely details into a great shine object. The shape is one of a clutch but there is plenty of room inside. The color is a cool pure titan grey, but the feeling when you touch very soft and gently. The Crystal Brooch on that handbag is a real highlight of this Collection and an unique eye catcher. The Grey Handbag impresses with details that will make this bag your favourite bag. She is adorable with your elegant evening outfit but also turns your simple street style during the day into a special. Milano Grey bags can be perfectly combined with a shoe-accessorie and complete your day or evening outfit. A leather star made of a soft grey calf-leather, fine plumped and stitched, decorate with and bag matching crystal brooch. These accessories makes your shoe unmistakably individual.