“Sport has been part of my everyday life ever since I was ten years old. Through sport I have learned perseverance, ambition and discipline, all of which have stood me in good stead in my business life,” says Beata Baumgartner, founder and designer at BAUMONDI.

This deep, personal conviction has led BAUMONDI to support the sporting ambitions of children in Poland, and in particular the WASHI KONOTOP Ju-jitsu and Judo club near Zielona Gora. The children, who range in age from 6 to 14, have already successfully taken part in international competitions and won a number of awards.

We are particularly proud of Wiktoria Mulka, one of our many talented youngsters. 14 years old, she is a modest, shy girl who has puberty issues like many girls of her age. Yet when she steps onto the mat, she turns into a self-confident, fair and disciplined competitor. She respects her opponents in fights, just as she respects the people around her. She has a great love of animals and as the eldest of three siblings she helps her parents with their work on the farm.

The ability to concentrate and perseverance she has learned through her martial arts have helped her enormously in school. She is growing up in a small village in Western Poland, but judo and her sporting dreams and ambitions are her window onto the wider world. She is working towards her black belt and dreams of taking part in the Olympic Games. We are proud of being able to sponsor Wiktoria personally and we wish her much joy and success in the future.